Monday, May 18, 2015

Announcing the Summer 2015 Residency Shortlist

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Shortlist for the Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency
Summer Term 2015

We are pleased to announce our shortlist for the Summer 2015 residency. The candidates will be interviewed this coming week and the selected resident will be announced at the beginning of June. Thank you to everyone who applied, this was an exceptionally competitive round.

All applications were considered and discussed at length amongst our panel and even if you did not make it this time, we encourage you to apply next time as each round is judged on the merits of the proposal.


The Georgia Fee Artist|Writer Winter Residency Shortlist:

  Jessica Lyne, Arts Writer / Curator
  Dena Al-Adeeb, Artist / Writer
  Rachel Valinsky, Writer / Curator
  Laura McLean-­Ferris, Writer / Curator
  Tina Tahir, Visual Artist
  Noa P. Kaplan, Visual Artist
  Gray Wielebinski, Visual Artist
  Arturo Herrera, Visual Artist
  Nellie Appleby, Visual Artist
  Pamm Hong, Visual Artist / Designer
  Lara Atallah, Visual Artist
  Narda Alvarado, Visual Artist, Researcher


The Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency was established in memory of ArtSlant's Founder who passed away December 8th, 2012. Georgia was dedicated to supporting and investing in young artists and writers, and she had a deep connection with the city of Paris. This residency, which offers artists and writers the opportunity to create work in Paris, has been created in Georgia's memory.

The goal of the Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency in Paris is to support and invest in emerging artists and writers, to provide an opportunity for them to advance their work and explore and engage with the cultural landscape of Paris, to encourage experimentation, and to increase exposure of their work to an international audience.

The Residency is open to visual artists of all mediums, art writers and critics, 24 years or older. Recent graduates are especially encouraged to apply. The selection will be made based on the merit of past work and the potential for future success, the ability to independently develop new work, and the proposed project's relevance to the city of Paris.


For more information on the Georgia Fee Artist|Writer Residency


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Friday, October 31, 2014

Announcing the 2015 Winter Resident

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October 31, 2014: ArtSlant is very pleased to announce the Winter 2015 resident, Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist, Brett Day Windham. Brett will take up residence in Paris January and February, 2015. Brett was selected from a large pool of very talented artists and writers spanning many disciplines. Shortlisted artists and writers were selected to participate in interviews with our selection panel before a consensus was reached. 

The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency is a biannual, two month residency in the beautiful Montparnasse neighborhood of Paris. During these two months, the resident will have studio visits with prominent Parisian arts professionals provided by our strategic partner, Residency Unlimited. 

More information on the Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency.


Artist Bio:
 Brett Day Windham (b. Cambridge, England)  is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She received a BFA from Hampshire College and an MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has been included in shows around the US, including The Chace Center at the RISD Museum (Providence), Tompkins Projects West (Los Angeles), Cave (Detroit), Lu Magnus (NY), Brooklyn Fireproof (NY), Gallery Project (Ann Arbor), 808 Gallery (Boston), Samsøn Projects (Boston), University of Maine Museum of Art (Bangor), and RMCAD (Denver). Windham received a Dean’s fellowship while at RISD, and was nominated for the Joan Mitchell MFA Grant that same year. Residencies she has attended include The Select Fair Residency in 2014 (New York), The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio in 2013 (Norfolk, Virginia), Cascina Remondenca in 2009 (Chiaverano, Italy), TSKW in 2010 (Key West, Florida), and Penland in 2005 (Penland, North Carolina). Her work has been discussed in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, Whitewall Magazine, Her Royal Majesty and The Bangor Daily News. In her work, she uses color and composition to organize industrial remnants and refuse to resurrect feelings of mysticism, magic, and ritual. She is thrilled to be the the Georgia Fee Winter Resident.


The Project:

For the Georgia Fee Winter Residency, I will be embarking on a series of daily walks through Paris. Some walks are solitary. Other walks are collaborative, a duet that includes another artist, writer, musician or critic. Found objects will be collected while walking, and then used as the components for an assembled sculpture. I will also keep a blog that maps the path taken, records each collaborator and includes photographs from each walk. Photographs of all the objects collected at the end of each walk are included as well, and used as fodder for collages and a zine.

One important reference for the project is the rich history of the flâneur, the leisurely strolling dandy, as a "modern" late 19th century citizen. (I will specifically reference Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project; a taxonomy of anecdotes organized around the poetry of Charles Baudelaire, identifying the fin-de-siècle Parisian Arcades as the site of commodification and as evidence of modern times. He positions the Arcades as the ultimate haunt for this louche Parisian character, whom I shall re-position as female).

Walking through Paris alone and with different partners, collecting found objects for an installation and resurrecting the specter of the flâneur will serve as an aesthetic anthropological study; and as a survey of what a community accumulates and abandons. I am interested equally in the arcades, the alleyways, the cracks in the sidewalk, and the magic that comes from the unexpected discoveries therein.

- Brett Day Windham

The Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency is a strategic partner of Residency Unlimited 

Residency Unlimited (RU) is a not for profit art organization that fosters highly customized residencies through strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions. Moving beyond the traditional studio model, RU supports local and international artists and curators at all levels of their career, and is particularly committed to promoting multidisciplinary practices and to building lasting connections between residents and the broader arts community.


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Thursday, September 5, 2013

LAST CHANCE AT MIAMI - Round 8 Opens on Saturday!

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It's your last chance to enter to win the

ArtSlant Prize 2013

Round 8 Opens September 7th


We're gearing up for Miami and we know you are just as excited as we are for the art world's Grande Fête. This year, we are bringing three-four artists' work with us to exhibit in our booth at Aqua Art Miami, recently acquired by the great people at Art Miami / Context. Expect Aqua to be even better this year while keeping its stellar reputation as the best fair for emerging artists in Miami.

Check out all the amazing work submitted so far!


ArtSlant Prize - 2013 Showcase Series

Over $20,000 in cash and exhibition prizes

Winners of the first 7 Rounds exhibited in Downtown Chicago

Top 3 winners exhibited at Aqua Art Miami

1st Prize: $3000 cash award

2nd Prize: $1000 cash award

3rd Prize: $1000 cash award


$15,000 in Exhibition Fees & Stipends

Featured Coverage in the ArtSlant Prize Catalogue

$5000 in Purchase Awards (announced during exhibition)


To enter:

1. Go to your ArtSlant artist profile (top right of the homepage, "My Profile"). Don't have one yet? See how to open yours here.

2. Find the Manage My Profile box on the right side of your page. Click on "enter Showcase" in the box.

3. The entry form opens. Complete the Showcase entry forms as indicated.

4. There is an entry fee of $2 for each Round. You must have a Paypal account or a major Credit Card.

5. Showcase Winners in each round can select the $20 premium placement to enter into the Juried Round. One winner from each category will be selected in the Juried Round. These Juried Winners comprise the selection pool from which the ArtSlant Prize Winner will be selected and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place runners-up will be chosen to exhibit in Miami. Each round also has one winner that will have his or her work shown in our storefront pop-up space in the Chicago Loop.

If you have not opened your ArtSlant Profile yet, please see our FAQ's for assistance. Or sign in to ArtSlant and click on ADD on our menu bar, then Add Your Profile.


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